10TH FLR: Victoria:

Victoria aka Ama-Vee lives a life that is true to her spirit. Highly creative, intuitive, empathetic and a self-professed “self-love artist”, you can be guaranteed that she bleeds her heart and soul into all that she has achieved.

Her career has predominately been rooted in being of service to others, which is a testament to her eclectic background in hospitality, entertainment (Soho House & Co., TIFF, Cineflix Media Inc. Steve Nash All Star Charity Bash), healthcare and holistic wellness.

Curious and observant by nature (the Aquarian in her) she has a unique ability to tune into the finer details/ energy around her learning new people, surroundings and situations. Hash tag stealth! She has what it takes to work with all kinds of personalities while understanding the importance of personalizing every experience.

Whether she is working with a celebrity client or the neighbour next door, her high level of attentiveness, discretion, passion, including a personable personality, is what she prides herself on:

“I’m just treating people how I want to be treated. I think we underestimate the power of proper client services, which includes paying attention to detail, keeping it real and humble af and treating people like humans vs treating them like a bankable opportunity. I live from my soul and my soul’s purpose is to live well, spread love and elevate (motivate) those around me…All while being the dopest version of me ”.

Warm and playful by nature, working with her is like working with life long friend. She has a no nonsense type of vibe. Why? Her main objective is always to bring the best out of you, so that she can deliver the best service and experience to you.

Victoria “Ama-Vee” Gyamfi-Kumanini
IG: @itsamavee

Salman Rana

Salman Rana (YLook) is a member of Toronto’s Hip Hop community and is a founding member of the artist collective, The Circle, along with artists Kardinal Offishall, Saukrates, and Choclair et al. The Circle is largely credited with having globalized Toronto’s Hip Hop sound throughout the 1990’s and the first decade of the 2000’s.

Salman is a doctoral candidate at McGill University’s Faculty of Law, where his work explores the intersection of youth subcultures, law and normativity in both state and non-state/unofficial contexts. He is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and the University of Oxford.

As a lawyer, Salman works in the cultural industries representing artists, musicians, and writers.